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A great practice metronome for musicians, with some clever features.
Three ways to set the speed, 1/ manually, 2/ by tapping the space bar to the speed of the music, you can load and play any audio type, 3/ or the program will quickly analyse a song and set the speed automatically.
With optional bell for the first beat of the bar, beats per bar setting and bar counter.




Speed Setting
Load a song and tap to the beat. After eight taps the metronome is set!
You can also let the program find the speed of the song  automatically.
Select from a list of click sounds and bell sounds for the metronome.
Traditional or electronic.
Musical Terms Dictionary
Hundreds of terms with examples of usage and abbreviations.
Includes speed BPM settings for words.
Tune Up
Tuning Fork with all notes of the scale including A at 440Hz. Select sound source - Piano / Guitar / Oboe / Flute / Trumpet / Clarinet

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