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YouTube Audio Recorder
Internet Radio Recorder
YouTube Video to MP3 Converter.
MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, iTunes M4A
Add ID Information the Audio
Includes an audio editor to cut, add fade etc. to the capture.
Integrated system with timer.

Automatically batch record songs from thousands of streaming play list radio stations.
 Sky Radio, Shoutcast Radio Digital Imports Radio, and many more. With auto record timer and equalizer settings. Add more stations manually and create a favourites list.


Media Audio Recorder   DJ Studio Pro Software
Convert audio from other sources and players. Convert Midi to MP3 / MP4 and other formats.
Convert audio that cannot be converted directly
Play and capture audio from video.
Resample audio with new Speed / Pitch / Reverb / EQ. The auto sensor allows batch conversion of many songs to new audio.
  Professional Twin Deck DJ Player
Two channel mixer player with independent clip player channel and over 400 included sound clips.
Manual and Automatic Variable Speed Fading.
Now with Sound Plate controller.
Supports all audio formats. Record your mixes and create new MP3's. Lots more features.


All in one MP3 Music Program   All in one Audio Software
MP3 Converter, MP3 Editor, CD to MP3 Music Converter, MP3 to Audio CD, MP3 Mixing Recorder.
Switchable Single or Twin Deck MP3 Player
with Music Database.
Scrolling Lyrics creator, Clip Player.

Create your own MP3 mixes.
Includes 9 of our other audio programs, see details below.

  Full featured all in one software for audio manipulation and playback. Now with a selection of player skins for the mixer player.
CD Audio Grabber - Video to Audio Converter - CD Audio Burner Creator - Audio Converter - Karaoke Scrolling Lyrics Maker - Audio Editor - Audio Splitter / Joiner - Album Artwork Editor - ID3 Editor.
Supports all formats including MP3, iPod MP4, M4A, WAV, FLAC, WMA, OGG, AVI, MPG, MPEG4, WMV and many more.


Internet Streaming Radio Broadcaster   Audio Editor Recorder
Internet Radio Broadcaster
Full featured internet radio streaming broadcast software. Automatically plays adverts and jingles between songs. Create your own adverts with the mixer recorder. Stream your PC microphone live with your songs plus optional boost and reverb. Stream to IceCast, ShoutCast or Windows Media Services.

  Record from tape, vinyl, microphone, deck etc.
Edit and Apply Effects:-

Amplify, Normalize, Echo, Stretch, Fade In / Out, Invert, Cut, Copy, Paste, Mix. Apply effects to selected area with three levels of undo. With record append, auto gain and auto stop timer. Supports all audio formats.
Convert and resize photos for your Mobile Phone, Digital Frame Viewers etc.
With over 40 effects including, Color Balance, Sharpen, Contrast, Crop, Rotate, Bevel, Cylinder, Edge, Lens, Emboss, Trace, Grid 3D, Half Tone, Illusion, Median, Mosaic, Posterize, Splash, Wave, Whirl, Canvas. Nine levels of undo. Slide show with music.
  Software for instrumental musicians and singers
Slow the music down without changing the pitch (detects beats per minute for each song).
Change the pitch without changing the speed
Loop sections and repeat for practice.
Memorise settings for each song.

Very easy to use range of converter, players.

Converter / Player


Converter / Player


Converter / Player


( WAV / Wave Audio)

Converter / Player


Windows Media Audio
Converter / Player




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Album information
including covers and
lyrics are found using
Microsoft Music Data
CDDB Music Data
Cnet Music Data

ID3 Tag Editor

Audio Splitter / Joiner

Karaoke Scrolling
Lyrics Maker

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